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Allies, privilege, amplification, and self-care

the inadvertent feminist

Yesterday, New York Magazine went live with an article which was focused on amplifying the voices of 35 women. These women are only a portion of the total number of women who have come forward in recent months, detailing the sexual assaults they suffered at the hands of Bill Cosby. The cover photo, seen here, shows each of the 35 women, sitting in a chair, in stark black and white. There are 36 chairs. The last chair in the image is empty. That chair is haunting. That empty chair sparked a hashtag on twitter, #TheEmptyChair, which has become a platform for women who feel like that chair belongs, at least in part, to them. A platform from which they are telling their stories, explaining why their chair is still empty. At least one man on Twitter, Elon James White, offered his own profile as a part of…

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Same song, different day

So over a year after Isla Vista, and some guy shot up the movie of a prominent feminist, specifically killing women, after having spent ages posting anti-woman sentiments online. And the media’s asking what the motive is.

Are you fucking serious? This shit again?