My 15 minutes of GG infamy

So the spotlight was briefly on me a couple of days ago, when someone came up with some truly Glenn-Beck-worthy tenuous conspiracy theory crap to “prove” that I was part of an orchestrated campaign of lies about GG.

Go read the thread on KiA.

Now. Assuming you haven’t already consumed the Flavoured Beverage Favoured By Cultists, what you saw there was me, a piddly little Tweeter with <100 followers, being replied to by Zoe Quinn. Followed by an unrelated tweet in which I mentioned a bunch of people whose updates on GG I’ve been reading and have appreciated.

For those not willing to descend into the maelstrom of SJW-hate that is KiA, here’s a couple of their screencaps that I’ll borrow:




Here’s their smoking gun. I made a comment to Brianna Wu, which Zoe Quinn gave her perspective on. In an unrelated tweet I mentioned a bunch of people who I have been reading to follow this atrocious clusterfuck.

Somehow someone got the idea that I’m now a lieutenant in the SJW army, or some such bullshit? Iunno.

More believable is the truth: I have some sympathy for the women who’ve had their lives destroyed, and I appreciate people who trawl through far more of GG’s garbage than I’m willing to in order to highlight their hatred and hypocrisy.

A couple of days ago I had 72 notifications on my Twitter when I logged in. Since a normal day sees maybe 5 or 6, maybe 9 or 10 if I’ve been particularly talkative, I was wondering why I had the sudden attention.

Once @srhbutts alerted me to the fact I’d been mentioned in KiA it made a whole lot more sense.

Seriously. This is all it takes. Some asshole making up a conspiracy theory in their own head and then feeding it to the mob. Thanks for justifying my initial decision to remain pseudonymous, fuckers.


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