GamerGate Link Farm, 31-10-14

I haven’t been able to keep up with the number of great links about GG so I’m just starting a daily link farm, because I don’t want to lose the good ones amongst the tide.

Research shows more than half of all PC gamers are female, and they make up the majority of PC RPG players. So let’s just can the “women are only casual gamers” myth, okay?

Related to this, Laralyn McWilliams writes about why arguing whether or not people are trying to make women feel unwelcome in tech is beside the point – we need to treat it like a useability problem and take similar approaches to solving it.

#GamerGate’s plans to destroy Gawker media include not just advertisers, but targeting syndicated advertising programs like Google AdSense in an attempt to cut off funding. Seeing as the business model for online writing portals is largely dependent on web traffic, this is effectively extortion for publicising views GG doesn’t agree with. I’m sure the totes-not-anti-feminist Gators see hurting Jezebel as a fortunate fringe benefit.

Related to this, GG’s habit of referring followers to archive sites (which strip advertising) for links? Yeah, using those archive sites this way might actually be breaking some laws and be ethically dubious for intellectual property reasons.

Also related to their Gawker plans, L. Rhodes writes about why “Operations” like Disrespectful Nod & Baby Seal aren’t actually boycotts at all but blockades. A boycott relies on the strength of its numbers to make a consumer impact; a blockade depends on finding a way to give a small but zealous group disproportionate influence. We need to fight this “boycott” meme wherever it pops up. Also mentioned: why this might lead to WORSE outcomes for ethical journalism.

Stephanie Llamas on why all gamers need to be counted as gamers, and as a community we need to get rid of this idea that some people aren’t “real” gamers. Which really underpins a lot of the aggressive gatekeeping crap in GG.

Arthur Chu with a powerful and empathetic reflection on how feeling excluded can lead to the kind of angry lashing out we are seeing from GG at the moment. He provides an insight without suggesting that Gators should be forgiven or excused, which I think is showing empathy without becoming an apologist.

And Chris Plante writes about the demise of GamerGate’s credibility as a quest for ethics in games journalism. Mainstream exposure has focused on the harmful parts of the movement because that’s the only consistent part the whole debacle, and that’s what Gators seem determined not to understand. But since it has the words “Gamergate is dead” in it I’m sure the actual point will be missed just as it was with Leigh Alexander’s article three months ago.


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