So, tl;dr rundown.

A friend of Brianna Wu, indie game developer, put up a meme making fun of GamerGaters.

It used this pic:


Some GamerGaters who took offense to this comparison to a crying child have websearched and found that same pic in a PowerPoint presentation about autism:

Never a movement to let detailed analysis or fact checking – or a momentary consideration about how photos are used on the internet – get in the way of calling somebody an evil hypocrite, GamerGaters have spent a couple of days covering Reddit with accusations that this just shows how SJWs are the REAL bigots! How dare they use a poor autistic kid in their attacks on Gamers!

You may be able to see where this is going…

It turns out this is a … stock photo! From Shutterstock! And in fact people who make websites or presentations don’t necessarily go out and find a kid with oppositional defiant disorder or autism, sometimes they just use a stock photo of a kid acting angry.

I mentioned this on Twitter, and used the Hashtag Of Troll-Summoning Doom (#GamerGate). I suggested a few Gators who were sincerely interested in the truth might like to go and straighten out the record on Reddit.

Predictably, I’ve been met thus far with nothing but attempts to somehow say SJWs are still the bad guys and this isn’t *really* a colossal fuck-up by #GamerGate.

This, people, is your movement dedicated to “journalistic integrity”. When faced with a matter of public record, where their own side has clearly made a mistake in assigning evil actions to their critics, where they could easily put it right … they continue attacking.

Because at the end of the day, no matter how many lofty pronouncements they make about “ethics” and “rooting out corruption” …

Attacking is all they have, and all that unites them.

Prove me wrong, #GamerGate


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